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General paper writing tips

If you’re torturing yourself with the questions of how to write a discussion paper or how to write a definition paper, basic tips provided below will help you to write abstract research paper in accordance with writing standards and college requirements.

First of all, it is highly important to choose the topic for your paper. Make sure that the topic you have picked is interesting for you. Thus, it will be easier to work on. In discussion paper you will have to discuss both sides of the issues related to the topic. Make sure you have access to good research that will provide you with reliable information. In definition paper you will have to explain some issue to someone else. Make sure you have profound knowledge at the subject you select.

Next step is to gather information about the topic you’ve picked. Make up your mind concerning what examples and details you would like to include in your project.

Make a solid outline for your work. The point is that you have to organize your thoughts on the topic. You can write down a thorough outline on a piece of paper, using traditional format: use numbers and letters for key points.

Provide a thesis statement. In case with the definition paper, you have to clearly state the term you are going to define and your own definition method. Remember, you should use only one sentence in order to let your audience know what he should expect from the paper.

Create an introduction that will inform your reader about what will follow in the paper and provide him with necessary background information.

When you write abstract research paper you have to develop the body of the paper using all the research sources you have found. In discussion essay, one should present each issue separately, providing discussion of the first side and then the other side of every argument related to the topic. In case with the definition essays, you have to make sure you have fully defined your term by using the method of definition that you have already sketched in the thesis.

When you write abstract research paper you have to organize the body of the project in accordance with the definition method – logically, chronologically, visually etc.

Provide your reader with a conclusion that should summarize all the information from the body of the essay. Inform your reader with what you want him to do with the information provided in the paper. Why should your reader care about the term provided in the paper and its definition? What side of the discussion essay topic your reader should take? Make sure you have provided your own conclusions without plagiarism which is strictly forbidden.

Tips on How to Write Paper in Chicago Format

Chicago essay format is one of the most widespread writing styles used by the students in writing papers for different disciplines (political and social science, history papers etc.)  In order to successfully write paper in Chicago format for social or history papers, you have to remember that referencing is one of the most important aspects of the work. For example, if you dedicate your paper for the role of Joan of Arc in the Hundred Years’ War, the reader of your paper would like to be sure that the quotation you have used in your paper comes from some chronicle of that time. In contrast to the other citation formats, the Chicago formatting of a paper requires proper and full information concerning the source and the author’s details. One of the aspects which are of a great importance for the Chicago formatting of a paper is the use of endnotes and footnotes and, of course, the bibliography section. You need to write the footnotes at the page bottom. You need to use 10 point font (the main text should be of 12 points).

The endnotes should be placed at the chapter/essay end and it should be of a smaller font size than the main text is. The endnotes should include the superscript number together with in text citation. If you use the referencing for the first time you have to provide the full citation. If then the source is repeated, you’ll have to use the IBID term. Moreover, the footnotes and content notes first line should be intended and single-spaced. There should be some extra space in case with the references. Post the bibliography section on the last page with the names of the authors arranged alphabetically.

Now you have got the general idea of how to format a paper in Chicago. The point is that it is a little bit complicated and you can perfectly learn how to format a paper in Chicago only after long practice. 

How to Format a Paper in Turabian Style?

Turabian format of style is one of the most widely spread formatting systems in modern educational system, for it has been developed from the Chicago style specifically for the purpose of such usage. It is used by many college professors and, if you are going to major in such disciplines as history or sociology it is most likely that you will have to learn how to use it. The full list featuring all the peculiarities of Turabian formatting of a paper may be found in the manual itself; here we want to draw your attention only to some separate features and give you some useful tips:

  • When you write paper in Turabian format, be sure to use 1 inch margins and double spacing at all times.
  • However, you should use single spacing within every note and bibliography entry, although there still should be double spaces between them.
  • Although it has a substyle that uses parenthetical citation, the Turabian style generally uses foot- or endnotes for citations and doesn’t give them parenthetically.
  • Remember about this ambiguity and ask your professor what is going to be used: parenthetical citations or notes; and, if it is notes, then what kind of them: footnotes or endnotes?
  • When you write paper in Turabian format all the pages should be numbered, including the ones with Works Cited list. The number of the first page is placed in the centre of its bottom, all the rest – in the upper right corner.
  • Quotations of five lines or more should be indented and single-spaced.

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How to Format a Paper in MLA: Useful Tips

There are general rules for MLA formatting of the paper: 12 size Times New Roman font of the double-spaced text. As concerns the quantity of words per MLA style page, it should vary from 275 to 325 words. There also have to be 1 inch margins on all four sides of the paper. If you write paper in MLA format, do not forget to number the pages in the top right corner. In addition, it goes without saying that whenever you write a custom paper, plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Keep in mind that all MLA style papers (as well as custom papers in other formats) should be 100% unique and authentic.

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Learn to Write Great APA Papers

APA style is usually used in order to accomplish the APA style papers. In accordance with the APA format, it is necessary to use Times New Roman font and double-space your page. It is required to number every page and make a header at the top of every page.

Working on the APA style papers one should include the main parts to the APA paper. They are: title page, abstract page, body, conclusion, references.

Creating the title page requires not much time. But it is highly recommended to be very attentive while doing that on order to have your APA papers done without errors. The title of your APA papers shouldn’t be too lengthy but at the same time it shouldn’t be too short. It should contain not more than12 words.  No abbreviations are allowed to use in the title of the APA style papers. Put down you name, the name of your tutor, college/university information (group #, college/university name etc). The next step is an abstract page of the APA style papers. It usually is related to the topic of your paper, main questions you are going to deal with and the methods you are going to use in your APA paper to study your topic. It is necessary to point out the results of the APA papers research without using pointless sentences and milling the wind.

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