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How to Write an Essay on Racism

“It is a disordered world which is presented in Snow Falling on Cedars.” This disorder is present in both David Gutterson’s novel and Hick’s film. It is a disorder of society. Through this disorder many truths are examined, such as, the truth of racism and prejudice, the truth of love, of justice, of purity, of accidental occurrences, of facts and evidence, of crime and of cultural identity. The search for these truths and the nature of them is expressed through literatory techniques and cinematographic techniques.

Techniques of the novel mean that the story is told through flashbacks and at times uses a limited point of view. This means that events are revealed little by little and truths of certain matters are also uncovered little by little. The limited third person perspective sometimes allows readers into the minds of characters but at other times it does not. It helps build suspense and intrigue in the search for truth. Being in the mind of a character lets the audience experience emotional truth. For example, Hatsue, the readers are involved in Hatsue’s struggle for the truth of who she really is. The use of flashbacks allow the story line to flow seamlessly from past to present and back again. Flashbacks often simultaneously serve as testimony in the search for the truth of Carl Heine’s death. The novel also very effectively uses foreshadowing. This is a subtle means of preparing readers for direction of the narrative. Foreshadowing creates suspense and piques the curiosity of readers. It occurs through memories, testimony and flashbacks. It is often used in the search for the truth of facts and evidence e.g. the coffee cup found on the floor of Carl Heine’s boat. Read the rest of this entry »