Guidelines for Writing a Research Paper

This article includes logical steps of how to write a paper proposal, research paper and conduct a thorough research. In order to achieve excellence in writing a research paper, you are in need of more than just profound knowledge. You just need to have a positive attitude towards what you do and strong belief that you’ll achieve your goals.

STEP 1. Select a topic

Before you start writing a paper in apa format or any other format, you need to pick the topic that challenges and interests you.  Your personal attitude towards the topic you choose will determine the amount of enthusiasm and effort you’ll need to put into the research.

Narrow down you topic to something more specific, e.g. narrow it down from “Criminology” to “The Case of Jack the Ripper”. Obtain instructor approval for your topic before you embark in a thorough and full-scale research. Pass up the topics that have only a very narrow source materials range.

STEP 2. Look for the information

Surf on the web looking for reliable educational web pages. Nowadays millions of Internet pages are available for all students who would like to register. Check out printed materials you can find at the local library, government and business agencies, university libraries as well as knowledgeable group mates and professors. Make sure the information you dig is true-life and approved by your instructor.

STEP 3. Write down your thesis statement

After critical thinking it is necessary to write a thesis statement of your paper in one sentence. This is some sort of declaration of what you believe in. the main part of your essay content will include arguments and ideas to defend and support your belief.

STEP 5. Put all your notes in order

Organize all the material you’ve found in accordance with your outline. Use the most reliable sources to check the information you have found for accuracy and to verify whether the information is up-to-date and realistic.

Analyze, synthesize and arrange the information you have gathered in order to effectively correspond your ideas, thoughts, research findings and insights to your readers by means of written words.

Avoid including any information that is not related to your topic and do not provide information you do not fully understand.

Copying (plagiarism) is 100% out of the question. Use quotes and citation accurately. As you arrange all your notes, put down detailed bibliographical information for every paragraph you’ve cited.

STEP 6. Write the final paper

Writing a paper in apa format or any other one, you need to use paper of a good quality. Every paper should be typewritten and then printed out.

Read and re-read the assignment for several times in order to understand in full what is required from you and whether your assignment complies with the demands of your instructor.  Proofread, edit your essay for punctuation, spelling or duplicated or missing words. Do your best to have your essay ready in one or two days before the deadline. Before you hand your paper, ask yourself whether this is the best you can do.

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