How to Format a Paper in Turabian Style?

Turabian format of style is one of the most widely spread formatting systems in modern educational system, for it has been developed from the Chicago style specifically for the purpose of such usage. It is used by many college professors and, if you are going to major in such disciplines as history or sociology it is most likely that you will have to learn how to use it. The full list featuring all the peculiarities of Turabian formatting of a paper may be found in the manual itself; here we want to draw your attention only to some separate features and give you some useful tips:

  • When you write paper in Turabian format, be sure to use 1 inch margins and double spacing at all times.
  • However, you should use single spacing within every note and bibliography entry, although there still should be double spaces between them.
  • Although it has a substyle that uses parenthetical citation, the Turabian style generally uses foot- or endnotes for citations and doesn’t give them parenthetically.
  • Remember about this ambiguity and ask your professor what is going to be used: parenthetical citations or notes; and, if it is notes, then what kind of them: footnotes or endnotes?
  • When you write paper in Turabian format all the pages should be numbered, including the ones with Works Cited list. The number of the first page is placed in the centre of its bottom, all the rest – in the upper right corner.
  • Quotations of five lines or more should be indented and single-spaced.

If it so happens that you have more questions on how to format a paper in Turabian style, don’t hesitate to address them to us. We are sure to help you in this matter!

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