How to Write a Response Paper – Make a List of Your Feelings Regarding What the Writers Have Written!

How to write a response paper? Well this is definitely a good question. In a response paper students react to a text that they’ve read as well as given their clarification of what they believe the paper is trying to suggest the readers. However, the paper needs the students to recognize how the paper achieves its objectives to notify the readers. So, let’s have a look at how to write a response paper or how to write an essay paper.

• Give yourself enough time to read the document for the response paper. Don’t skim via the manuscript but read each and every page, so that you can understand writer’s intent. If you hurriedly read a document, then you may miss a decisive fact or opinion.

• Make notes of each and every page as you read. Then ask yourself what is the important fact and opinion of the manuscript. You can use a highlighter if you’ve a copy of the document to highlight the crucial ideas in the manuscript. However, you shouldn’t document or books which are irreplaceable.

• Make a list of your feelings regarding what the writers have written. Does the document make you feel sad or happy or it angers you. Is your expressive response steady with what the writer intended for his audience. First you should write how you have reacted to the writing, then make notes regarding how you think like the writer supposed the reader to feel.

• Collect your notes in order and then make delineate of your fact finding research or feelings. The 1st sentence must list the writer, title as well as date of publication. Next you should give a summary that you’ve read. Place your refuting fact or primary feelings next in the outline.

Well, after following all these tips you must able to know how to write an essay paper or response paper. So, write a paper for me now!

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