How to Write The Best Essay

When do we identify an essay as one of best essays? Well, the finest compositions are those which everyone loves reading. The essays must bear out the views of the writer effectively; they must be written in a coherent and consistent manner in a comprehensible language. Does that sound confusing? Are you asking yourself how to write essays in the best possible way? Follow the given few simple steps on how to write essay and you will end up writing perhaps the most excellent specimen you have ever written.

  • Think: You may or may not be free to choose the topic. So, leave it to the situation. But writing an essay, whether you select the topic yourself or someone assigns it to you, involves thinking about it. You must try to figure out the points that can be incorporated under the title. Do not restrict your thoughts and jot them down if they are related to the theme of your essay.
  • Research: Once you have chosen the line in which you want to develop your essay, start researching. The right research is the building block of the best essay you write. Take help of the internet, library and magazines. Besides, do not ignore your own experiences and feelings; they will allow you to introduce a note of subjectivity which in turn lets you strike a chord with the reader. Discuss your topic with friends and acquaintances; you will gain valuable ideas and with all these essay writing help, you are equipped to start your paper. What to write in the essay is as important as how to write essay.
  • Outline and write the summary: Combine your thoughts along with your background studies. Sketch out the body by writing the major points; summarize what you intend to write about.
  • Paragraphs: Now begin with the final copy. Write an introduction where you introduce your theme. Strike the keynote and create an ambience for your subject matter. Dedicate the body of your essay to write about the various facets you have gathered from your research. Sum up your views in the conclusion. Introduction and conclusion deserves special attention.

How to do essay writing while keeping in mind that your reader understands you? What are the points you must keep in mind while framing the sentences? A personal tone helps your reader to comprehend your ideas. Write clearly and ensure your grammar is correct. Understand your capability and structure your sentences accordingly. While short sentences help you to arrest your reader’s attention, long sentences let your reader get involved with the composition. Try to add variation by citing examples. Do not sound tedious. 

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