Tips on How to Write Paper in Chicago Format

Chicago essay format is one of the most widespread writing styles used by the students in writing papers for different disciplines (political and social science, history papers etc.)  In order to successfully write paper in Chicago format for social or history papers, you have to remember that referencing is one of the most important aspects of the work. For example, if you dedicate your paper for the role of Joan of Arc in the Hundred Years’ War, the reader of your paper would like to be sure that the quotation you have used in your paper comes from some chronicle of that time. In contrast to the other citation formats, the Chicago formatting of a paper requires proper and full information concerning the source and the author’s details. One of the aspects which are of a great importance for the Chicago formatting of a paper is the use of endnotes and footnotes and, of course, the bibliography section. You need to write the footnotes at the page bottom. You need to use 10 point font (the main text should be of 12 points).

The endnotes should be placed at the chapter/essay end and it should be of a smaller font size than the main text is. The endnotes should include the superscript number together with in text citation. If you use the referencing for the first time you have to provide the full citation. If then the source is repeated, you’ll have to use the IBID term. Moreover, the footnotes and content notes first line should be intended and single-spaced. There should be some extra space in case with the references. Post the bibliography section on the last page with the names of the authors arranged alphabetically.

Now you have got the general idea of how to format a paper in Chicago. The point is that it is a little bit complicated and you can perfectly learn how to format a paper in Chicago only after long practice. 

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