Research Paper and Descriptive Essay

Annotated bibliography can be best described as the form of bibliography that summarizes the research done by a student or even a research institute. Annotated bibliography contains annotations which is a brief summary that has content of the research or an analysis of the bibliographic sources. Annotated bibliography is also written to provide the reader with a comprehensive evaluation of literature source, this means that for a lengthy essay the summary provided must be concise and to the point. The annotated bibliography also has the purpose of giving direct information about the relevancy, quality of the sources that are cited and the accuracy of the source. When writing an annotated bibliography, the writer must be able to come up with a comprehensive but precise paragraph of about one hundred and fifty words per each article cited. Annotated bibliography is usually confused by many writers as abstracts but they possess different functions in an descriptive essay. An abstract is considered as a summary but this summary is found at the beginning of the essay and provides a descriptive analysis of the events that are written on the whole of the article, on the other hand an annotated bibliography are considered to be descriptive but critical. Annotated bibliography exposes the writer’s point of opinion, authority, appropriateness and clarity of the topic of study. Creating an annotated bibliography can be very demanding and hectic since a lot of library work is done, succinct analysis and concise exposition of literature regarding the field of study. The other part is that the writer must selectively choose book, journals or even articles that elaborates a variety of perspectives of the research paper topics, he or she must then use proper citation methods to complete the work.

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