Writing a Thesis

In third year at the university, we were introduced to research methods. The starting point was to provide an analytical description of project proposal and research project. I was okay with the theory, but when it came to the practical bit, I got stuck. We were to write custom project proposals on any topic of our choice, provided that it related to our areas of study. On submission, the instructor lamented that what many had actually done was write research projects. We were forced to redo the work. I found this episode the most traumatizing in my entire university life. Since then I have always had a pessimistic regard of researches and this has constantly made me dread pursuing my Masters. I know that every Masters degree requires writing a thesis proposal. I think I am already convinced that I might never succeed with a thesis proposal given that the project proposal was a nightmare to me. This fear is compounded by the fact that the thesis proposal that I or any other student chooses to write must be logical and defendable. I agree that I can always obtain assistance in writing a thesis proposal from the many writing services that are available today, but the dilemma here is that although these writing firms assist students to come up with an excellent thesis proposal, it is the student alone who can defend his/her thesis proposal and woe to him/her if he/she is not familiar with the content of the thesis proposal he/she stands to defend. This is definitely an embarrassment and a clear indicator that the particular thesis proposal is not the student’s original work.

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